Bladeless Ceiling Fans > $200-$300

Frequently Asked Questions

While the two fans are quite similar, there are a number of differences between them:
The LUMIO can be flush mounted, the Oceano can not be completely flush to the ceiling.
The LUMIO has an additional "night light" (the strip of lighting above the main light) which gives a really nice lighting effect
The LUMIO has a temperature sensor for optional automatic control of the fan speeds
Overall the LUMIO is made to be a higher quality which also accounts for the higher price
The LUMIO has a "Natural Wind" option which automatically cycles through the 6 speeds to give the effect of natural wind
The LUMIO is available in 21" and 28" while the Oceano is available in 23"
The LUMIO can be controlled from the phone via an app or with any other wifi device such as Alexa, Google Voice etc

Yes! They are actually safer then the traditional fans as there is no danger of being hit by a blade