Alessandra Ceiling Fan

The Alessandra ceiling fan redefines what it means to keep cool, so if you're updating your indoor retreat or enhancing your outdoor territory, this fan deserves your attention.

Technical Specifications of Alessandra Ceiling Fans

The Alessandra ceiling fan dimensions range from 42 to 60 inches. These fans will assert your style and inject a dose of luxury into your space. The allure of integrated lighting will bathe your room in a warm light, coupled with the blissful silence of whisper-quiet DC motors. You can choose from finishes like chic black, gleaming brass, deep bronze, or authentic wood to blend or boldly contrast with your decor.

These fans are constructed from cast aluminum and heavy stamped steel to become enduring centerpieces of your home. A standard 10" downrod and options for customization with lengths ranging from 5" to a dramatic 72" give you the freedom to set your fan at the perfect height. Every Alessandra fan adapts to slant ceilings up to 30 degrees, and if your space demands, an optional canopy accommodates up to 60-degree cathedral ceilings.

Variety of Models of Alessandra Ceiling Fans

The twin jewels of the Alessandra collection include:

  • The Alessandra 3-blade ceiling fan with light — this fan will kiss your skin with a cool breeze and bathe your room in a soft light. A gentle dawn inside your home, that's what it offers. If you desire comfort served with a side of luminescence, this fan is for you.

  • The Alessandra 3-blade ceiling fan with no light promises pure, unadulterated air movement, for minimalistic spaces or rooms where the light goes from other sources. 

These fans will blend in with your life’s palette, whether you’re installing them indoors or out. Weather-resistant blades and motors that barely sip on energy will ideally match your home’s atmosphere. 

Convenience of Installation and Use of Alessandra Ceiling Fans

Alessandra ceiling fans aren't difficult to install as each fan has user-friendly guides, clear for everyone. However, if you prefer a hands-off approach, Todays Fans boasts a team of skilled installation experts ready to integrate an Alessandra fan into your living space.

These fans can be attuned to your lifestyle right after the installation. No matter what your needs are — a gentle lullaby to drift off to sleep or a powerful gust to combat the afternoon heat — Alessandra fans offer this and even more. Smart features like remote control allow them to anticipate your needs with almost telepathic precision. 

You can also buy a fan with integrated LED lighting to paint your room with the hues of countless sunsets or the bright optimism of a sunny day and enjoy the benefits of reduced energy consumption. 

Advantages of Using Alessandra Ceiling Fan

Here are the advantages  Alessandra ceiling fans offer:

  • The fusion of minimal energy consumption and unique style means a fusion of fresh air and less money spent on paying electricity bills. 

  • These fans also match any aesthetic at a price point within reach for everyone.

  • The finest materials they're made of, such as solid wood and heavy stamped steel, ensure your fan is reliable through every season.

  • Remote access gives you the power to adjust your environment using just the palm of your hand. 

  • Maintenance includes just simple dusting and occasional wipe-down.

Todays Fans offers free shipping and a generous return policy on the Alessandra fans. This means you can select the perfect fan for your home in our online catalog with confidence (also backed by the allure of low prices and swift delivery). 

The Alessandra ceiling fan is a great choice for 2024 and beyond. It's easy to install and looks amazing anywhere you put it — indoors or outdoors. So, why not give it a try and see why everyone’s talking about it?


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does! The Alessandra Fan includes a limited lifetime warranty as follows: Motors: Lifetime Component parts: (lights, finish, blades, etc.): One year after date of purchase Light Bulbs: No warranty.

Alessandra brand ceiling fans are known for their elegant design, superior quality, and advanced features. Each Alessandra ceiling fan is crafted with precision engineering to provide optimal airflow and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Alessandra ceiling fans prioritize energy efficiency. With innovative motor technology and aerodynamic blade designs, they offer powerful airflow while consuming minimal energy.

No, Alessandra ceiling fans are engineered for quiet operation. With balanced blades and high-quality motors, they provide efficient cooling without generating disruptive noise, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment.

To maintain your Alessandra ceiling fan, regularly dust the blades and motor housing with a soft cloth or duster. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or excessive water, as these can damage the finish. Regular care will help preserve the performance and appearance of your Alessandra fan.